Why Visiay?

Why Visiay?

The use of VCI packaging is more economical and contemporary than other protection methods. It is economical for production, logistics processes and the customer. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly and clean solution thanks to its recyclability.

The Visiay products we produce have anticorrosive and antibacterial efficacy. Antibacterial activity is important. Because, It is thought that 20% of all metal corrosion that occurs is caused by bacteria. With its effective antibacterial activity, Visiay differs from its counterparts. Visiay provides superior corrosion protection to your high value-added metal products.

Our production contains more concentrated VCI than other VCI Masterbatch products. For this reason, while conventional products recommend a mixture in the range of 4-8% in polyethylene packaging production, with the Visiay brand we can produce the same amount of polyethylene VCI packaging with a 3% mixture ratio.

Therefore, with the Visiay brand, we are able to offer an effective and economical solution to the industrial packaging manufacturers and users.

The anticorrosive activity of Visiay products has been tested in ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory with the internationally accepted test method (German TL 8133) on the anticorrosive activity of VCI packages, and the anticorrosive activity has been documented as the highest level (Grade 3).

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