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With 30 years of Visiay Quality

Visiay produces innovative solutions with its knowledge and technical infrastructure of more than 30 years in the packaging area for the food, textile and automotive industries.

As a result of R&D studies, VCI Masterbatch and VCI polyethylene packaging production compliant with international quality standards has starterted under Visiay brand.

Visiay VCI Masterbatch and Visiay packaging (can be produced in special sizes) products have anti corrosive and antibacterial properties.

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Our Products

Visiay polyethylene packages (bag, film, stretch types) with its superior VE content, protects your value added metals against corrosion in storage and logistics conditions.

Visiay VCI Masterbatches, which have an effective and dense VCI concentration, are the ideal raw materials for high quality VCI polyethylene packaging.

All Visiay products are produced in special sizes for your needs.

Why Visiay?

Prevents bacterial corrosion with its anticorrosive and antibacterial properties.

Provides effective and long-term corrosion protection with its high VCI content.

Heavy metal and nitrite derivative carcinogenic chemicals free.

Offers superior physical strength solutions with its polyethylene packaging content.

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